About Steve Plews

Steve Plews was born in Salford, UK, in 1961. He was brought up in the market town of Macclesfield, where studied at the King’s School and was introduced to Stravinsky, Debussy and Ravel at an early age – composers that he feels have shaped his musical output. Since 1994 Steve has developed his musical career as a jazz pianist / bandleader, classical composer, CD producer and record label owner.

Steve is a champion of new music, setting up his label ASC Records to promote artists in contemporary jazz, and proud to promote première recordings by British classical composers through his label Prima Facie Records.

Discography – Jazz CDs

Secret Spaces ASC CD3 Steve Plews Trio

Steve Plews piano | Jeff Clyne bass | Trevor Tomkins drums

“A primary influence on Mr. Plews would seem to be the early Bill Evans trio from 1961 but he is expanding the format with his own idiosyncratic methods of writing and performing.”
Derek Ansell Jazz Journal

Anywhere ASC CD15 Steve Plews Ensemble

Steve Plews piano | Mike Walker guitar | Jeff Clyne bass | Trevor Tomkins drums

“Pianist Steve Plews’s ASC Records does a crucial job in disseminating British jazz, and his own quartet album is well up to standard. What elevates it a notch higher is the playing of guitarist Mike Walker, voted best musician at the Glasgow Jazz Festival in 1995, but still heard too infrequently on disc. His touch and originality shine out in an already impressive group, playing the pianist’s evocative compositions. ****”
Kenny Mathieson Scotsman

Secret Spaces 2 ASC CD133 Steve Plews Trio

Steve Plews piano | Gavin Barras bass / bass guitar | Michael Gilbourne drums

“A totally original, well paced programme and an innovative approach to jazz piano trio…”
Derek Ansell, Jazz Journal

What Haven’t You Had? SLAMCD260 Vladimir Miller and Steve Plews

Vladimir Miller and Steve Plews pianos

Paisean ASC CD141 Paisean

Ed Jones tenor sax | Steve Plews piano / electric piano | Gavin Barras double bass | Dave Walsh drums

“..talented group from the UK scene….some refreshingly sharp shifts in gears on tracks like the moody drift of Hobart 1909 and Things I Have Not Seen. An album that reveals its nature gradually.”
Emusic summer jazz picks

Derelict ASC CD143 Steve Plews / Ed Jones

Steve Plews electric violin, drums, prepared piano | Ed Jones tenor and soprano saxes, percussion

“…the effect is intoxicating. Each track is a short glimpse that leaves you both satisfied and desperate to hear just a little more.”

Style ASC CD146 Steve Plews Guitar Trio

Steve Plews guitar / keyboard | Len Watley bass guitar | Gavin Barras double bass | Nobby Clarke drums | Johnny Hunter drums

Depressions ASC CD147 Steve Plews

Steve Plews solo piano

The Importance of What is Not ASC CD160 Steve Plews Trio

Steve Plews piano | Gavin Barras double bass | Johnny Hunter drums

Headlong, Heartlong ASC CD182 Steve Plews & Daryl Runswick

Steve Plews piano / synths | Daryl Runswick electric double bass / voice / piccolo bass guitar / synths

State of the Art ASC PFDL003 DSMIV

Steve Plews – keyboards, guitar, voice | Vladimir Miller – keyboards, voice | Steve Miller – programming, voice


Steve Plews – keyboards, guitar | Vladimir Miller – keyboards | Paul Moss – saxes, harmonica, woodwinds

Cold War ASC PFDL008 Steve Plews Quartet

Steve Plews piano | Ed Jones tenor sax | Julie Walkington double bass | Winston Clifford drums

Advertising ASC PFDL009 DSM IV

Steve Plews keyboards, guitar, voice | Mike Langley guitars, programming | Sam Lea vocals | Andy Long violin | Zoe Long cello | Tim Franks drums

Non Combat Syndrome ASC PFDL011 Steve Plews Trio

Steve Plews piano | Gavin Barras double bass | George Grundy drums

Discography – Jazz / Classical CD

Extracts from Infinity CAMEO2029 Stephen Plews

Robert Bellatalla double bass | Bill Eyden drums | Mike Walker guitar | Steve Berry double bass | Iain Dixon bass clarinet | Jeff Clyne double bass | Trevor Tomkins drums | Peter Fairclough drums | Duncan MacKay trumpet | Roger Heaton clarinet | Stephen Pruslin piano | Stuart Death piano | Andrew Long violin | Ed Jones saxophone | Phil Clarke drums | David Jones piano | Stephen Plews piano / keyboards

“I would recommend this CD to the musically adventurous.” Roger Blackburn, MusicWeb International